Wendy Dennys wins Crime Prevention Award

Crime Prevention Ottawa is pleased to announce the winners of the 11th annual Crime Prevention Ottawa Awards. The awards honour people, programs and groups that are making our city a safer place for everyone.

The winners and finalists were celebrated at a ceremony on Monday, November 4, 2019 at Ottawa City Hall.

The award winners included Ward 13 resident Wendy Dennys who won the Innovation Award.

Through theatre, Wendy Dennys has built meaningful, lasting connections between a wide diversity of people in her community. She played a key role in planning and organizing three community theatre projects - Overbrook, the Musical; Overbrook Diary and Starry Nights. The plays offered a creative expression of the community’s value and experiences, helping it build resilience and heal from losses such as the closing of Rideau High School.

Working behind the scenes, Wendy brought together people of all ages and backgrounds to produce Overbrook, including artists, actors, First Nations drummers and a community children’s choir. She also helped secure funding from the Trillium Foundation and local organizations.

Wendy worked hard to address concerns about safety while ensuring that the play was accessible to neighbourhoods that had experienced gun violence. The performances brought thousands of neighbours together and offered them a chance to make new friendships, build trust and develop a strong sense of community.

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