Winter Operations Update - Friday, December 30 - Morning

Roads and Parking Services has been getting ready for a spring-like event, merely a few short days before ringing in the New Year.

With rain in the forecast, teams have been hard at work continuing their proactive drainage work in an effort to mitigate the risk of water pooling in neighbourhoods that are prone to localized flooding during winter rainfall events.

While we may be heading into another long weekend, please be assured that as long as Mother Nature is working, we will be out responding!

Forecast and Conditions

Today, forecast shows that the temperature is expected to remain quite mild and will be sitting at high single-digits. Late this afternoon and into the evening, periods of rain are set to begin in certain parts of the City, and this weekend’s forecast seems to be holding steady. With 5 to 10 millimetres of rain expected during tonight’s overnight hours and an additional 10 to 15 millimetres tomorrow, we could see up to 25 millimetres possible before the event is set to end on Sunday morning.

To add to the rain that’s in the forecast, Saturday’s daytime temperature is expected to remain above average for this time of year. The above-freezing temperatures will cause some of the snow currently sitting on our network to melt, potentially adding further strain on areas prone to localized flooding. As we head into Saturday’s overnight hours, some areas are likely to reach the freezing point which could spark some pockets of snow flurries. Slowly decreasing throughout the day and into the night Sunday, the temperature is expected to reach a low of -4 degrees Celsius. Any water that remains on the network could freeze, creating icy and slippery travelling conditions as we head into Monday morning’s commute.

Our Response

With nearly 80 centimetres of snow falling in as little as 14 days, many catch basins were left covered but have been top of mind for Roads and Parking Services. With up to 25 millimetres of rain expected over a 36-hour period, it’s now critical that catch basins are cleared to allow them to take in water. As proactive catch basin clearing work continues, crews will be monitoring areas at risk in the coming days and will be ready to respond to immediate flooding concerns.

Restoring our sidewalks and cleaning up problem spots such as bus stops, cross walks, intersections, cul de sacs and islands continues to be an operational priority and these efforts will be ongoing throughout the day.

In the interim, we are urging you – if you can – to try clearing the catch basin near your home. You may also report a blocked catch basin or a flooded roadway by visiting

Next Steps

As we have seen since the start of this winter season, forecasts and the weather have been unpredictable and we will continue to monitor conditions and adjust our response as needed. On Sunday, should conditions warrant the need, we will turn to treating sidewalks, roads, and the winter cycling network in anticipation of the drop in temperature that is currently in the forecast.

As this will most likely serve as our last update of 2022, we would like to close off the year by taking a moment to extend our gratitude and most sincere appreciation to our residents, staff, and members of Council. A lot has been thrown at us in recent weeks and everyone’s played an integral role in the success of our work.

Thank you for your continued support in our commitment to making sidewalks, roads, and the winter cycling network a safer place for everyone’s travels.

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