Winter Operations Update - Friday, March 17

We may just be a few short days away from spring, but yesterday we got a small taste of a wintry-spring mix and a glimpse of what today may bring.

Forecast and Conditions

The forecast keeps changing but as of the latest, it looks like it will mostly come down as rain. 10 to 15 millimeters are possible before the event clears this evening, at which point the forecast is showing that the temperature is expected to drop below zero. Please monitor your local forecast for the most up-to-date information.  

Please exercise caution if you will be travelling this evening. Areas such as sidewalks, roads, pathways and the winter cycling network that are wet as we enter the evening hours could freeze, creating hazardous travelling conditions. Please adjust to the conditions of the network.

Finally, wind gusts of 30 to 40 kilometres an hour are also expected throughout the day, with gusts possibly increasing to 40 to 50 during the overnight hours.

Our Response

Supervisors will be out throughout the day and into the evening to monitor conditions. Across the City and as this event unfolds, we will keep a close eye on sidewalks, roads, and the winter cycling network and identify any areas of concern to deploy resources as needed. With the incoming rain, we will also monitor areas that are prone to localized flooding, and address any water pooling through ensuring that catch basins and ditches are open and able to take in water. 

In the meantime, we are asking for anyone who can, to please ensure that your local catch basin is clear and able to take in water. With over 100,000 catch basins in the City, we cannot do it alone and would appreciate any support you can offer.

Can’t find your nearest catch basin or need help clearing one out? Please visit

Potholes Weekly Round-up

Teams went to work this week whenever they could in between periods of rain and snow. This week alone, 85 crews were assigned to repairs and, in just four days, managed to fill 4,947 potholes!

Remember that pothole repair work can happen throughout the entire year. But in the winter, repairs are temporary because the patch does not adhere as well to the surface given the temperature, weather and road conditions. Winter repairs are then prioritized on an emergency basis and performed by workers whose main responsibility is to address and respond to winter weather conditions. Non-emergency work – where crews get assigned to proactive repairs – began in mid-February. Since then, we’ve had over 282 crews assigned to pothole repair work!

But if we look at the year-to-date fill totals – so from January 1 to March 16 – more than 34,000 potholes have been filled, which is an 11% increase from the same period in 2022! 

If you notice a pothole, we want to know about it! Please let us know by visiting

Next Steps

Our focus today will remain on addressing localized drainage issues. From urban to rural neighbourhoods, teams will be out monitoring conditions and opening up catch basins and ditches as needed, ensuring water has a place to drain. 

Saturday’s forecast is looking like it may bring some flurries to the Capital. We will monitor the network over the weekend and should the need arise, crews will be deployed and begin treating and clearing as required.

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