Winter Operations Update - Saturday, December 24 - Morning

Overnight the City received varying amounts of snow accumulation with the Ottawa Airport reporting 15 centimetres as of this morning.

As wind gusts between the 70 to 80 kilometers an hour range could be felt across the City, the wind chill kept close to -20 degrees Celsius. As a result, snow was blown onto the network and into many areas that had already been cleared and treated.

Forecast and Conditions

Scattered flurries are expected today, but the bulk of the precipitations are behind us and snow does not seem to be threatening Sunday’s forecast. However, strong winds remain a concern for today, as intermittent gusts of winds could continue blowing snow onto sidewalks, roads, and the winter cycling network while also causing limited visibility. Very cold wind chill values are expected to continue today and through Sunday.

After yesterday’s mixed bag of weather and with today’s colder temperatures, black ice and ice build ups are threatening today’s travels. Please expect that surfaces such as sidewalks, roads, and cycling network – will be slippery and caution should be used if out travelling.

Given the current state of our transportation network while understanding that operations are taking longer than usual because of the complexity of this major winter storm, the Significant Weather Event continues to be in effect.

As they have been through the course of this event, the Office of Emergency Management remains engaged and in a state of “Monitoring” and will coordinate a Citywide response if need-be.

Our Response

Crews worked hard overnight and again through this morning’s shift change. Priority sidewalks, roads and the winter cycling network remain our current focus but attention is expected to shift into residential neighborhouds around mid-morning today. Residential streets completed yesterday will be cleared and treated again today to address icy conditions and snow accumulation caused from both falling and blowing snow.

Sidewalk equipment also continues its work, and blowers are out in areas that saw heavier accumulations and drifting snow. This type of equipment takes more time to clear sidewalks, and we appreciate your patience as we continue with our efforts. 

What You Should Know

  • Plows are coming to a residential neighbourhood near you! The Winter Weather Parking Ban is no longer in effect, but we still need space to work. Try and limit street parking where possible as crews will be out in full force again today.
  • Adjust to the conditions of the transportation network! Areas such as sidewalks, roads and the winter cycling network may be slippery today. Exercise caution when traveling and as always, plan ahead and take your time.
  • Safety First – Service Always! Accumulation may have slowed down but Roads and Parking Services is still working full steam ahead. Please, never pass our working vehicles and always stay at least 3 car lengths behind us. If you see a sidewalk plow approaching – if you can – please step aside into an open driveway.
  • Stay in the know about snow! Download the City of Ottawa app or sign up for the Winter Weather Parking Ban e-alerts by visiting

Next Steps

Roads and Parking Services will continue its work on restoring the transportation network. Working today, tomorrow and into next week, we will work on completing clearing and treating across the City as well as cleaning up areas such as bus stops, corners, intersections and cul de sacs.

This weekend’s precipitations are predicted to remain low. As we will continue to respond to the conditions while keeping a close eye on the forecast, we do not foresee the need to communicate any further over the weekend. Unless things change, please expect our next operational update on Monday, December 26.

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