Winter Operations Update - Sunday, January 14 - Morning

The Roads and Parking Services team has reported anywhere from 25 to 30 centimetres of snowfall throughout the city and higher amounts in some localized areas. That is a lot of snow and it has taken crews more time than usual to get through the entire transportation network. The goal today – clean up!


Forecast and Conditions

Flurries and periods of light snow are expected to begin this morning with 2 to 4 centimetres possible. With wind gusting to 60 kiliometres an hour, blowing snow remains a possibility in open areas.

As we look ahead, the forecast seems to be stable this week with colder temperatures then we’ve been used to so far this winter season.

Our Response

As we progress through the day, crews will continue to clear sidewalks, touch up arterial roads and work in residential areas to clean up and treat icy conditions leftover from yesterday’s event. We recognize that some sidewalks across the City remain difficult to navigate and operators are doing their best to get through it all. The blowing snow and large snow drifts from the significant snow accumulation has made it challenging. Please remain patient as clearing snow with blowers takes longer than usual, but we are on the job! They will also focus on cleaning up any problem areas such as bus stops, crosswalks, intersections, pedestrian islands, corners, and cul-de-sacs.

City staff and crews have been on the job around the clock, and we would like to acknowledge their hard work, perseverance and dedication.

Winter Weather Parking Ban Lifted

The Winter Weather Parking Ban was lifted at 7 pm last evening. Residents are reminded to sign up for the Winter Weather Parking Ban e-alerts to stay up to date on upcoming winter parking restrictions.

You can continue supporting our operations by finding off-street parking options. If you can, please ask a friend or neighbour if you can share their laneway. When vehicles are removed from our streets, the Roads and Parking Services team can clear snow efficiently to create a wide open roadway.

Snow Removal Operations

With the amount of snow that has blanketed the city this past two weeks, the Roads and Parking Services team is preparing for selective snow removal operations in certain urban areas. The focus will be where snow banks have significantly increased in Business Improvement Areas and business districts. Supervisors are reviewing other areas for snow removal and further updates will be provided. 

Snow removal is a planned event that requires us to physically remove snow from the side of the road and transport it to one of our snow storage facilities. Snow removal is different than snow clearing, which occurs as snow is falling or immediately after a snowfall, to move the snow from the roadway to the side of the road or to the City’s right of way.

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