City-wide Street Sweeping Operations are in Full Swing!

City-wide street sweeping operations are now in full swing, despite a slight pause to respond to the spring snowstorm on April 3rd and 4th. Crews have been hard at work cleaning sidewalks, bus stops and medians using sidewalk sweepers, leaf blowers, flusher trucks and hand brooms. The team has also been working on arterial and collector roads and in some residential neighborhoods. This work will continue over the coming weeks. Staff aim to complete residential sweeping during the day and move to main streets overnight, however, this may not always be possible.

There are no parking restrictions during city-wide street sweeping operations.

How long will it take? 

While our Maintenance Quality Standards (MQS) require us to complete street sweeping operations by May 31st, our crews started a little earlier this year and will continue to work diligently over the coming weeks to complete the spring cleanup as soon as operationally possible. 

Street sweeping in concentrated areas is complete

The concentrated street sweeping program was completed on Saturday, April 13. More than 350 kilometres of urban core roadways were cleaned during the nine (9) day program. Now that the concentrated areas are complete, the equipment will be reallocated to support the city-wide street sweeping.

Resident support is required

  • Residents are reminded to not rake or blow leaves, lawn clippings or other debris onto the roadways as it can make our operations more challenging, especially if the area has already been swept.
  • Wherever possible, please remove vehicles from the roadway to allow the street sweeping teams to complete their clean-up efficiently. 

We recognize that street sweeping operations can be noisy and disruptive, for the short period in which they take place. However, they are an essential part of our spring clean-up efforts and as such, the City of Ottawa’s street sweeping operations are exempt from the Noise By-law (No. 2017-255) under Section 21(1) and may run at any time.   

More information about our street sweeping operations is available on   

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