October 22 Newsletter 2021

October 22, 2021 newsletter from Rawlson King, City Councillor for Rideau-Rockcliffe.

This week has offered the first taste of true chilly fall weather. Although it happens around the same time every year it never fails to be a bit of a shock to the system, so be sure to bundle up! Residents may be interested to hear about motions that I introduced to revise the draft new Official Plan at a special joint meeting of the Planning Committee and the Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee. A breakdown of the motions and successful actions can be found in the first item of this newsletter. The City has approved a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan and I am pleased that a Poverty Reduction Strategy and a Food Security Policy have been included in the plan which will reflect the needs of residents. Residents can look forward to two EV charging stations coming to ward 13. The two stations will be situated on Crichton Street and Beechwood Avenue and are expected to be installed by mid-November.  

It is that time of year againOttawa Public Health is launching its annual influenza vaccine campaign. This year, the campaign will have a much more focused approach, but all residents are encouraged to get their vaccine. I would also like to highlight the 2021 Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards. If you know an immigrant to Canada that deserves recognition for their entrepreneurial spirit, consider nominating them. Finally, I would like to note two opportunities available to youth in the community. First, the Ottawa Outdoor Gear Library is hiring for two positions for youth aged 15-30 years who identify as Black, Indigenous, or person of colour. Second, a free eight-week youth soccer program will be taking place at the Overbrook Community Centre starting October 27. Details on how to sign up are included in this newsletter. 

Amendments to the Official Plan 

This week I was pleased to introduce several motions to revise the draft new Official Plan at a special joint meeting of the Planning Committee and the Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee, held between October 14 and 18.    

I prepared my motions after detailed consultations with interested residents, community associations and several non-profit organizations focused on bringing greater urgency to climate and social justice issues.  You can view the motions here: https://www.rideau-rockcliffe.ca/official_plan_amendments  

I am pleased to be able to report that several items I brought forward were carried unanimously by the committee, including a motion introduced by myself and Bay Ward Councillor Theresa Kavanagh, Council Liaison for Women and Gender Equity, to specifically incorporate racial and social equity into Ottawa's new Official Plan. 

I was also able to successfully introduce a Direction to Staff to initiate a Secondary Plan process for the Beechwood Avenue/Hemlock Road corridor and St. Laurent Boulevard North.  

Other successful actions included the adoption of a Direction to City staff to create a measurement framework for planning objectives outlined in the new Plan, along with providing Council with annual reports concerning implementation progress of the Plan, as well as a motion that introduces the use of visual and numerical modelling when considering and evaluating proposed new developments.  

In terms of the environment, I was happy to move a successful motion designed to protect, preserve, restore and enhance hydrologic resources (features and functions of surface water and groundwater) in areas especially vulnerable to intensification due to nearby development.  

I also successfully moved a motion that directed staff to place emphasis on local planning approaches, including Secondary Plans and Community Design Plans, to promote community engagement. 

While my motion focused on balancing concerns about intensification in heritage districts was defeated and another motion concerning a sixth interprovincial crossing was referred to Transportation Committee for consideration, I was pleased to observe the unanimous success of Councillor Brockington’s motions to cap the height of buildings along designated minor corridors to fours storeys, as well as his motion that directs staff to instigate neighbourhood-based, tree canopy measurement. 

Because I am not a voting member of the Planning Committee, my motions were mainly introduced on my behalf at the joint meeting by Capital Ward Councillor Shawn Menard, who I would like to thank.  The Official Plan will be officially considered by Council on October 27. 

City Approves Community Safety and Well-Being Plan 

The City’s Community and Protective Services Committee today approved the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan, which sets out strategies and outcomes to address the root causes of crime, social disorder and ill health and improve the safety and well-being of everyone in Ottawa. 

The plan addresses local risks to safety and well-being at the community level in six priority areas: simplifying and integrating systems, and strategies to address discrimination, marginalization and racism, financial security and poverty reduction, housing, mental well-being, and gender-based violence and violence against women. The plan’s proposed actions would require collaboration with governments, institutions, groups, and agencies who are working together to mitigate those risks. 

To ensure the proposed plan reflects the needs of all Ottawa residents, it was developed based on the feedback collected during extensive consultation with residents and community stakeholders in 2020 and 2021. The plan complements City work underway that addresses the priorities, including the 10-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan, the Anti-Racism Secretariat and the Women and Gender Equity Strategy. 

I am pleased that my policy and advocacy efforts, along with community advocacy will lead to the adoption of a Poverty Reduction Strategy and a Food Security Policy by the City within the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan.  

I will release more information about the City's Plan and community advocacy efforts in a position paper to be released next week and circulated in this newsletter and on my Web site. 

City to Install Two EV Charging Stations in Ward 13 

The City of Ottawa will be undertaking work to install two dual head EV chargers in ward 13. The EV chargers will be installed at 245 Crichton Street and 113 Beechwood Avenue. Each site will be equipped with two Level 2 chargers, which can fully charge an electric vehicle in approximately eight hours. Users will be charged per minute rates like existing public chargers available in the city. The targeted completion date for the installation of both chargers is slated for November 15, 2021. 

Ottawa Public Health launches annual influenza vaccine campaign 

Starting October 25 at 10 am, appointment booking will be open for flu vaccinations at Ottawa Public Health (OPH) community vaccine clinics for parents with children aged six months to two years old and their immediate families and for people experiencing barriers to getting the flu vaccine. 

Starting in November, residents will also be able to receive their flu vaccine through their family doctor or local participating pharmacy. Ottawa Public Health is using a targeted approach for this season’s community flu vaccine clinics to accommodate the anticipated COVID-19 vaccination program for children aged five to 11 and the expansion of third doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for some individuals.  

New this flu season, individuals two years of age and older can visit participating pharmacies to receive their flu vaccine. Individuals aged six months and older may also receive their flu vaccine from their family doctor or nurse practitioner. Anyone aged six months and older who lives, works or attends school in Ontario is eligible to receive the publicly funded flu vaccine at no cost.  

For the 2021-2022 flu season, Ottawa Public Health will be offering flu vaccines by appointment for the following groups:  

  • Children aged six months to two years and their household members 
  • Individuals experiencing barriers to getting the flu vaccine which include:  
    • Being a newcomer to Canada 
    • Having no Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) card 
    • Having no primary care provider, such as a doctor or nurse, and those who have had difficulty accessing the vaccine at a pharmacy 

Individuals in these groups can book their flu vaccine appointments starting October 25 at 10 am by visiting OttawaPublicHealth.ca/Flu, with appointments available starting November 2 at the four community clinics: 

  • Eva James Community Centre - 65 Stonehaven Drive 
  • Ruddy Family YMCA-YWCA, Orléans - 265 Centrum Boulevard 
  • Minto Sports Complex at University of Ottawa - 801 King Edward Avenue 
  • J.H. Putman Public School - 2051 Bel-Air Drive 

Ottawa Public Health cannot guarantee drop-in requests at its clinics for flu vaccine and it is recommended to book an appointment 

Flu vaccines will also be available at neighbourhood vaccination hubs for people who do not have a health care provider or do not have a health card.  Individuals who have not received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccines are able to receive both the COVID-19 and flu vaccines at the same time. On September 28, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) provided guidance that indicates that COVID-19 vaccines can be administered at the same time as other vaccines, including the flu vaccine.  

The flu, or seasonal influenza, is a common contagious infection that affects the nose, throat, and lungs. It is spread through droplets that have been coughed or sneezed by someone who has the flu. You can get the flu by shaking hands with someone who has the flu or by touching surfaces that have come into contact with flu droplets, and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Flu symptoms include a sudden fever as well as a cough and/or a sore throat, a runny or stuffy nose, headache or body aches, and chills. You may feel more tired than usual and have a lower appetite. Most people will recover within a week to 10 days, but some people are at greater risk of severe complications, such as pneumonia or death. Influenza infection can also worsen certain chronic conditions, such as heart disease.  

Getting your annual flu vaccine is an important way to help protect yourself, your family and high-risk individuals in your community against seasonal flu. We can help reduce flu transmission in the community and keep our hospitals from being overwhelmed while COVID-19 continues to be present.    

Nominations are open for the 2021 Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards 

If you know an immigrant to Canada who embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and deserves recognition for their contributions to the Ottawa economy, nominate them for the 2021 Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards. The City is now accepting nominations online until November 4. Nominate a friend, colleague, client, employee or employer who deserves to be celebrated for their contributions. 

After a one-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards return to recognize the success and contributions of individuals who were born outside of Canada and now make Ottawa their home. The awards have been presented annually since 2012. 

The awards are presented to select individuals who make a considerable contribution to the Ottawa economy, with a focus on: 

  • Hiring, sourcing and purchasing locally 
  • Exporting goods or services from Ottawa 
  • Attracting visitors or investment to the city 
  • Launching new and innovative businesses in Ottawa 
  • Mentoring other entrepreneurs 
  • Helping other businesses succeed by providing time, expertise or knowledge 
  • Getting involved in, or giving back to, their community 
  • Adapting to the business climate throughout the pandemic 

If you know someone who fits this description, nominate them today! 

The winners for the 2021 Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards will be announced during TiE Ottawa’s virtual entrepreneurship conference, TiECon Canada on Tuesday, November 23. TiE is the largest network of entrepreneurs and professionals in the world, dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship. TiE Ottawa has been fostering entrepreneurship in the National Capital Region for 17 years by supporting budding entrepreneurs with mentorship, networking, education and global connectivity. 

The Ottawa Outdoor Gear Library is Hiring 

The Ottawa Outdoor Gear Library has secured funding to support two part-time positions (Library Coordinator and Program Coordinator) for at least the next 8 months. These two positions are for youth (15-30 years of age) who identify as Black, Indigenous or People of Colour. The two detailed job postings can be viewed here. 

Love to Play Soccer at Overbrook Community Centre - starts October 27 

Program Title: I Love to Play Soccer. This is an introductory soccer program for children who have not had the opportunity to play soccer. Instruction will be provided in ENGLISH. 

Ages: 4 to 11 years old. 

Program Dates: Wednesday, October 27th  from 4:00pm-5:00pm. It will run for 8 weeks. 

Location: Overbrook Community Centre (33 Quill Street) in the gymnasium.  

Phone number: 613-742-5147 

There is no cost ($0) but children must be registered to attend because space is limited. 

What to wear: running shoes and comfortable clothes for activity. Bring a water bottle if you have one! 

Covid regulations: Children will be screened upon arrival. They will not be permitted to access the program if they are exhibiting any Covid symptoms. Masks are required to be worn in the building until they are actively playing. Unfortunately parents will not be able to stay in the building due to current restrictions. 

*Interested families can contact Javier Clavelo Robinson directly for more information and to obtain enrolment forms. Email: [email protected] Phone: (613) 614-5426 

Montreal Road Revitalization 

Please find below a two-week update (Monday, October 18 to Friday, October 29) for the Montreal Road Revitalization project. The work activities planned for the next two weeks will include: 


  • Vanier Parkway/Montreal Road intersection – Construction of concrete curb in the southwest quadrant of the intersection is tentatively scheduled for late next week, which will allow opening of the east-west crosswalk.  One more short term closure of the crosswalk will be required when crews pour concrete sidewalk in that quadrant scheduled for November.   


  • North River Road to Vanier Parkway – The sidewalk on both the north and south side of Montreal Road is complete, except for sections near hydro poles and at the North River Road/Montreal Road intersection. Installation of new streetlight poles on the south side of Montreal Road is now complete with pedestrian lights to follow. After the streetlights and pedestrian lights are connected and energized, removal of the existing hydro poles will start late this fall. The North River Road/Montreal Road intersection will be completed next year.   


  • Vanier Parkway to Marier Avenue – The north side concrete curb, base asphalt, sidewalk, and the asphalt cycle track are complete for this section. The curb, sidewalk, cycle track and tree cell installation on the south side is now complete. Paving of the second lift of asphalt between Vanier Parkway and Olmstead South is complete. The paver stone work is completed at Emond.  Landscaping will follow next year. Temporary streetlight pole removal will commence as some new streetlights are commissioned.   


  • Marier Avenue to Lafontaine Avenue – The sidewalk is now complete on the north side of Montreal Road from Marier Avenue to Bradley Avenue. Concrete crews will resume work on the south side, including the section between Altha to Mona, which will be completed next week.  Paver stone work is completed at Bradley Avenue with the exception of a small area at the north end. Remaining concrete pattern and landscaping at the Bradley plaza will be completed next year. Underground utility and electrical work continues on the south side of Montreal Road between Marier Avenue and Altha Avenue.  Work at the corner of Montreal Road/Lajoie intersection is complete.  


  • Lafontaine Avenue to de l’Église Street – The north side of Montreal Road between Lafontaine Avenue and Cantin Street has been paved. The south side of Montreal Road from Ducharme Boulevard to de L’Eglise Street has been paved. Concrete sidewalk on the north side from Granville to Cantin is scheduled to be completed this week.  Road construction including base lift paving between Cantin and to de L’Église is scheduled to be completed late next week.  Water service connections to buildings between Cantin and de L’Eglise will be completed this week (notifications have been sent out).  


  • De l’Église Street to St. Laurent Boulevard – Outstanding work for this section includes catch basin connections (to be completed in the next two weeks) and temporary road paving for winter conditions. 


  • Continued traffic impacts and road closures – Montreal Road is reduced to one westbound lane from Vanier Parkway to St. Laurent Boulevard. All streets are closed between Vanier Parkway and St. Laurent Boulevard, except for Olmstead Street, Marier Avenue, Granville Street/Lafontaine Avenue and Cantin Street. Over the winter months Montreal Road will be reopened to two lanes (one eastbound and one westbound lane) between Vanier Parkway and St Laurent with side street openings.  Details will be provided in the coming weeks. Traffic calming flex posts installed along Lafontaine Avenue, Deschamps Boulevard and Montfort Street, which are part of the current vehicle and bus detour route, will be removed next month in preparation for the winter snow clearing. 


  • Month-long construction outlook – Underground work between Vanier Parkway and St. Laurent Boulevard will be completed in the next couple of weeks. The curbs, sidewalk, cycle track and road paving are now complete between Vanier Parkway and Marier. Over the next 5 weeks, concrete work will be wrapping up and the focus will be finishing the sidewalk between Marier and east of Mona on both sides of Montreal Road.  Street lighting and Hydro work is continuing on North River Road, with the goal of completing the east side multiuse pathway (MUP) in November.  Both Emond Street and Bradley Ave paver stone work is almost complete. Curb in the south west quadrant of the Vanier Parkway/Montreal Road intersection will be completed in the next two weeks allowing for opening of the east-west crosswalk.  Installation of pavers along the cycle track edges and other hard landscaping continues over the next month.  Preparation for winter conditions will be starting in November.  


  • Hydro update – Hydro Ottawa removed their overhead power line between North River Road and Vanier Parkway on the weekend of July 17. Installation of new streetlight poles on the south side of Montreal Road is complete with pedestrian lights to follow. After the streetlights and pedestrian lights are connected and energized, removal of the existing hydro poles will start late this fall. 

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